Stupid Girls

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One thing I’ve NEVER been good at: Females. They’re sneaky, they lie, they’re cowards they lie, they’re catty, they hide, they play, they NEVER fucking grow up!!! That being said I have a hard time maintaining female friends that possess any of these qualities but one thing I can’t deal with is a fucking hypocrite. If you throw a stone at me, you better live in a fucking brick house because if its made of glass I’m breaking the shit down and stoning you to death. If you choose to be the first to respond to something I say or the one to roll your eyes at anything I say be prepared for me to call out EVERY single discretion you’ve ever made. Be prepared for fucking war because I’m a bitch. And I don’t understand the word “Stop”. I will rip you to shreds.
That being said, I’m particularly frustrated with a particular DUMB BITCH who seems to think her current behavior is acceptable. My ONLY reason for staying silent is the fact that the woman is older then me and I may be a lot of things but I’m not disrespectful…….HOWWWWWWEVER…she better stay at least 15 ft. Away from me at all times. Otherwise, I may not be able to control my tongue O:-)


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One Response to “Stupid Girls”

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i have to agree with you i have VERY few close female friends, i simply don’t trust them. It sounds crazy coming from us i know but it’s the truth. Besides guys are way more upfront and for the most part trustworthy whereas most females you can’t even leave em alone with your man for more than 5 minutes..well u catch my drift. Try and keep distance from this one.

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