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give a man a fish….

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I haven’t blogged in a while (shame, shame). But A LOT has been going on. Firstly, money issues. Not my own, other peoples money issues. And that being made into my money issues and my inability to say no and my freaking pitiful lack of aggression. I’m learning now that I’m on my own, that as sucky as it feels to say no, always saying yes feels much worse. Its okk to be selfish sometimes. Afterall, I work HARD for my money.

Also, my friend. Sigh. Remember my first post about dropping a friend? Well consider her ass dropped! Not only has she become a thorn in my side because of her negative spirit, she’s now a copycat! There aren’t many things I’ll say I hate (flies, posers and tree moss) but a copycat is definitely one of them. BE YOUR OWN FUCKING PERSON. I’m already being me. Me is taken. Be you! Noone else is you. Its alllll open. Me is unavailable. She’s mimicking me. ME!! I’m not even that great a freakin person to be. Sigh. I’m venting. Apologies.

On a lighter note, Fiance is better now then ever. Living together has brought us so much closer. I love being around him. I love everything about him. Talking to him relieves all of my stress and sleeping in his arms everynight is a bliss I cannot describe. Sorry, I got all cheesy! 🙂

Anywho, remember to laugh today!

With Love, Lisa.

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my boyfriend believes

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….in wrestling. Yes. WWE, Raw, Cage Matches, Men fighting in panties. He believes its all real. One awful day, I tried to reason with him. I told him its all fake. They’re not really fighting, they’re not even really angry. They’re simply reading lines and flailing they’re arms. Well….that didn’t go over well. After an hour of bickering, I finally gave in. Then it hit me!
I LOVE that he believes! See, my boyfriend is a 21 year old jaded black man. To see him in this childlike state is one of the things that makes me fall in love with him again. Its an innocence he lacks in other areas. When he sits in front of the tv, completely engulfed as Edge and Chris Jericho are slamming chairs against each others noggins, I sit there with the biggest smile. Its a beautiful sight.
But….I’ve now become an enabler. A commercial aired a few weeks ago with Vince McMahons wife running for congress or something. She referred to wrestling as a “Soap Opera”. Immediately I regretted having the tv on that channel. When I looked to my boyfriend, he had the most confused look on his face. “Soap Opera?” He said. He shrugged and went to the kitchen, I hoped he had forgotten the whole incident. Once, my mom saw him watching WWE and said in passing “You know that’s not real right?” I flew out of my seat to stop her from going any further and she chuckled and scurried away. At this point, I don’t know if I want to maintain his belief for my own good or his. It makes me wonder how long I’ll allow my kids to believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. An ounce of innocence is a precious thing that I believe can help make going through rough and tough life a little easier.

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get to know me :)

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Stupid Girls

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One thing I’ve NEVER been good at: Females. They’re sneaky, they lie, they’re cowards they lie, they’re catty, they hide, they play, they NEVER fucking grow up!!! That being said I have a hard time maintaining female friends that possess any of these qualities but one thing I can’t deal with is a fucking hypocrite. If you throw a stone at me, you better live in a fucking brick house because if its made of glass I’m breaking the shit down and stoning you to death. If you choose to be the first to respond to something I say or the one to roll your eyes at anything I say be prepared for me to call out EVERY single discretion you’ve ever made. Be prepared for fucking war because I’m a bitch. And I don’t understand the word “Stop”. I will rip you to shreds.
That being said, I’m particularly frustrated with a particular DUMB BITCH who seems to think her current behavior is acceptable. My ONLY reason for staying silent is the fact that the woman is older then me and I may be a lot of things but I’m not disrespectful…….HOWWWWWWEVER…she better stay at least 15 ft. Away from me at all times. Otherwise, I may not be able to control my tongue O:-)

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Hump (Slump) Day

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I HATE my job. And while this may make me identical to millions of other people, I’m different. I love every other aspect of my life. On a scale of 1 to Fucking Amazing, my life is about 9.8. Throw my job into the mix and I’m down right depressed! I work in a call center. I sit in the same desk everyday, 10 hours a day. Answer the same questions, everyday, 10 hours a day. Hear the same complaints, everyday, 10 hours a day. I wanna kill myself with the friggin phone cord. One day I’ll be talking to a customer and just………
I cannotg wait to go back to school. I can’t possibly be stuck at this dead end job forever. I can’t wait to acheive my dreams!

Sigh, well those are my thoughts today. But because I’m the eternal optimist, I have forced myself to smile today. A very amazing maryland best friend of mine taught me that smiles are contagious! So Smile!!

With Love, Lisa.

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