give a man a fish….

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I haven’t blogged in a while (shame, shame). But A LOT has been going on. Firstly, money issues. Not my own, other peoples money issues. And that being made into my money issues and my inability to say no and my freaking pitiful lack of aggression. I’m learning now that I’m on my own, that as sucky as it feels to say no, always saying yes feels much worse. Its okk to be selfish sometimes. Afterall, I work HARD for my money.

Also, my friend. Sigh. Remember my first post about dropping a friend? Well consider her ass dropped! Not only has she become a thorn in my side because of her negative spirit, she’s now a copycat! There aren’t many things I’ll say I hate (flies, posers and tree moss) but a copycat is definitely one of them. BE YOUR OWN FUCKING PERSON. I’m already being me. Me is taken. Be you! Noone else is you. Its alllll open. Me is unavailable. She’s mimicking me. ME!! I’m not even that great a freakin person to be. Sigh. I’m venting. Apologies.

On a lighter note, Fiance is better now then ever. Living together has brought us so much closer. I love being around him. I love everything about him. Talking to him relieves all of my stress and sleeping in his arms everynight is a bliss I cannot describe. Sorry, I got all cheesy! 🙂

Anywho, remember to laugh today!

With Love, Lisa.


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